How often should mailings go out?

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Another good question is: How often should my mailings go out?

Getting the right frequency is crucial. Too-frequent mailings risk harming your business. Your clientele is less likely to read your emails if they are too frequent. Your emails risk being labeled SPAM, and you may cause clients to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

But what is the line between “too many,” “OK,” and “not enough”?

That depends on what you are sending!

A restaurant that emails you the daily specials every day around 11 a.m. doesn’t expect you to read the email, just that you see its name. You may choose to go to this restaurant for lunch. In such cases, you don’t feel overwhelmed.

A store that sends your specials every day is a bit much, because most people do not shop ever day. So for a store, a weekly mailing would be enough, similar to the circulars we receive at home.

As for a service provider, a monthly mailing is likely enough, or even just for special events, to share news or to remind you that it’s time to prepare your pool for winter. Your customers will be curious to read your email. It’s like catching up with an old friend.

But everything comes down to the quality of your list. Clients who know you will react differently than clients who don’t. Quality over quantity!

Thanks Jonathan, your little trick worked.  I love this template!  I saved a newsletter you sent me a few months ago because it looked so good and I was so happy to see this template in the system.  It’s really nice with that bright blue colour behind the newsletter.

Linda, Volkswagen Campbell Cameron

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Sylvain Jolicoeur - Sylka Inc.

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Renée Bovet

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