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A simple and effective way to send newsletters!


MailContact is a division of Multi-Graf Inc., a printing, graphic design and website design company, with a 15-year track record.

MailContact is a small business that takes the time to get to know its clients. A member of our team will personally look after you. You have a question? We are here to answer. You would like to meet us? Our office door is open.

With our newsletter system, you can prepare your mailings and assess their effectiveness, thanks to our efficient system, or, entrust us to manage your advertising campaigns with our turnkey service.

Call us. It will be a pleasure to help you
with all your needs.


Plan your mailings

Program your mailings to avoid any oversights and to save time.


Instantly see emails opened and links clicked, even before the end of the mailout.

Reduce SPAM

The tools available with our system ensure that your newsletter is seen by your contacts!

Choice of templates

Choose from among a wide variety of unique, varied and high-quality templates.

 Simple, simple, simple…

MailContact – our online marketing system – is the perfect advertising campaign management solution. Whether it is to manage your distribution lists or to create your campaigns, MailContact is the answer.

MailContact is user friendly. In a single glance, you will know how to use it. The two main functions – creating a campaign, and creating a list – are just one click away from the Home page.

Furthermore, with MailContact, you are able to program your mailings, analyze your campaigns using our detailed, real-time statistics, create actions by adding links to your mailings and send automatic replies when someone subscribes to one of your lists.

MailContact is very easy to use and will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, thanks to our content analyzer. With MailContact, your emails will make it to your contacts’ inbox!

Choose from among our unique templates, which can be tailored to suit your needs. New templates are added regularly, to keep up with current trends.





Plan your mailings

Send your campaigns as you go, or program dates and times for them to be sent. Program your mailings to avoid any oversights and to save time. This will allow you to plan your mailings to send your contacts Christmas Greetings, New Year’s wishes, special offers for Valentine’s Day, St-Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or to announce your vacation or holiday schedule.

 Real-time statistics

Many real-time statistics are available with mailContact. Instantly see emails opened and links clicked, even before the mailing is completed.

Member activity reports

-See when and how many times your newsletter is opened.
-See who clicked on what links and how often.
-See how many times your newsletter was forwarded “to a friend.”
-See who unsubscribed and when.
-See how many newsletters failed to reach a recipient, and why.
-See how many members labelled your email as SPAM.
-Receive suggestions regarding which days are best to send your newsletter, based on the number of newsletters opened and the number of links clicked.

Using Google Analytics, track the progress of your website subscribers. Thanks to this system, you will know what your subscriber is interested in, which will enable you to offer customized support based on the pages visited.







 Contact Management

Easily import and export your contacts, which can be assigned to different lists. Group clients by field of interest, by language, age group… your mailings will be better targeted.

Don’t worry about a client receiving your newsletter more than one. MailConctact will only send your newsletter once per address. A subscriber may be on several lists but will only receive the newsletter once.

Full statistics according to list and individual contact.

Incredible Support!

We at MailContact are here to support you! Whether you call us, email us or drop by to see us, we will be happy to provide you with training to help you better understand how MailContact works, or to simply help you resolve any issues. With MailContact, you will also receive advice on the frequency and content of your mailings.

Our priority is for you to reach your goals.







 Reduce SPAM

What is SPAM?  
-SPAM is a bulk mailing that is done automatically and repeatedly to email address that are not necessarily known by the sender.
-Because we are all bombarded with SPAM, we tighten our safety features, which results in some emails being tagged as SPAM by SPAM blockers, even when they are not. SPAM-blocking systems analyze each email in your inbox and, according to your parameters, delete questionable emails or move them to your junk mail box.

What is analyzed?

-The subject and the body of the email. Certain word combinations are automatically considered SPAM.
-Blacklists: some servers are blacklisted because they allow SPAM to be sent. Emails sent from these servers are considered SPAM by your SPAM blocker.

With mailContact, we use an SMTP system as well as the AUTH extension, which enables the sender to be authenticated.

Furthermore, you can analyze each of your campaigns with our tool that analyzes your newsletter’s SPAM rating and then make whatever changes are necessary to lower that rating, to ensure that your newsletter makes it to your subscribers.

The tools available with our system ensure that your newsletter reaches your contacts!



 Choice of templates

Choose from a variety of templates in different formats, colours and layouts and for different fields. Unique, varied and high quality. Change the content and send!

Our templates are easy to change and fill out, thanks to the HTML editor that allows for one section of the template to be changed at a time. Changes made to one section in no way alter the layout of the content in another section. Adding images is just as easy, using your own customized image gallery, since every image you add to it will be available for future use.

Create outstanding mailings!







 Quebec company!

MailContact is part of a small business that takes the time for quality control and to see to the satisfaction of its clients. At mailContact, every client counts!



Sending newsletter is already one of the least costly forms of marketing, but with mailContact, you can save even more.

MailContact provides a one-of-a-kind form of marketing not offered by the competition. Take advantage of two types of packages: the Purchase Package and the Lease Package. In the Purchase Package, a fixed fee is payable when you sign up, and an amount is charge annually, based on the amount of emails sent out monthly, from $0 to $1,100 annually (up to 50,000 emails per month). In the Lease Package, you pay a monthly fee plus a minimal account opening fee, with no yearly agreement required. Pay between $15 and $125 according to the volume of your monthly mailings.




I use many of Multi-Graf’s services for the development and maintenance of my website, as well as their email system for my ad campaigns. The services they offer are unmatched. Few businesses today offer individual attention and have employees available to look after our needs without adding on extra fees. Jonathan and Lisa are always available, even for questions unrelated to their services. As in any service-based business, seeing is believing. Their services and broad experience make for a winning combination!

Sylvain Jolicoeur - Sylka Inc.

Thanks Jonathan, your little trick worked.  I love this template!  I saved a newsletter you sent me a few months ago because it looked so good and I was so happy to see this template in the system.  It’s really nice with that bright blue colour behind the newsletter.

Linda, Volkswagen Campbell Cameron

MailContact’ goes well beyond all other mass email systems we have tried in the past! That, coupled with Multi-Graf’s quick professional services … a big thumb’s up!

Alex -

Choosing Multi-Graf’s direct mail tool has enabled us to develop our own image and to adapt our content based on our projects. Furthermore, Jonathan’s approachability, when it comes to customized support, makes everything even easier.

Benoît Desroches - FormaPlus

I have been dealing with Multi-Graf for over 7 years. Since the very beginning, service has been excellent. They are generous, meticulous, work quickly and are always keen to find the best solution at the best price. As President of a small business, I have always felt reassured and supported. I highly recommend them.

Renée Bovet