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Bill C-28, how to deal with it?

23 Jun 2014 | Under Bill C-28, Tricks and tips | Posted by | 0 Comments

The new bill C-28 affect us all. You will need to make adjustments in your lists. You must know if the people to whom you are sending newsletter gave you their consent. There is 2 types of consent; implied consent and express consent. Implied consent : Any persons who have made a purchase from your […]

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Bill C-28 : Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation


Here is a very clear summary of what his this law.

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The best time to send your mailings

26 Feb 2014 | Under Tricks and tips | Posted by | 0 Comments

When sending out an advertising campaign, timing is everything. Many studies have been done, and they all agree that the ideal days are Tuesday through Thursday. Monday, being a busy day used for planning, is not ideal. Furthermore, your email would likely be lost in the flood of unread emails from the weekend. As of […]

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How often should mailings go out?

26 Jan 2014 | Under Tricks and tips | Posted by | 2 Comments

Another good question is: How often should my mailings go out? Getting the right frequency is crucial. Too-frequent mailings risk harming your business. Your clientele is less likely to read your emails if they are too frequent. Your emails risk being labeled SPAM, and you may cause clients to unsubscribe from your mailing list. But […]

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Why pre-plan your mailings?

26 Dec 2013 | Under Features, Tricks and tips | Posted by | 2 Comments

Advance programming of mailings allows you to be more efficient, saves you time, helps you avoid sending emails light on content (if you didn’t have time to think of what you wanted to say). Take a day to design your campaigns ahead of time. Plan your specials in advance, whether for daily specials or special […]

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What is the purpose of automatic replies?

26 Nov 2013 | Under Features, Tricks and tips | Posted by | 2 Comments

With mailContact, you can create auto-replies for a variety of circumstances. By creating auto-reply messages, you can give the impression of proximity, but you can also prompt your clients to act. Upon subscription: When someone joins one of your lists, you can reply with an automatic welcome email When forwarding an email to a friend: […]

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The quality of your contact lists

26 Oct 2013 | Under Tricks and tips | Posted by | 0 Comments

When it comes to contact lists, quality is far more important than quantity. You may be tempted, like many others, to obtain contact lists from the web. At first glance, it may seem like a good idea, but among the email addresses in these lists, many are invalid, many of the contacts are not in […]

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Sending newsletter : economical and effective

26 Sep 2013 | Under Features, Tricks and tips | Posted by | 0 Comments

In these challenging economic times, every one of us is looking for ways to save money. How do businesses save money? By reducing employee hours By cutting jobs By buying less expensive products By reducing their advertising … Companies realized that when they cut advertising, revenues, purchasing power and growth were also decreasing. Faced with […]

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I use many of Multi-Graf’s services for the development and maintenance of my website, as well as their email system for my ad campaigns. The services they offer are unmatched. Few businesses today offer individual attention and have employees available to look after our needs without adding on extra fees. Jonathan and Lisa are always available, even for questions unrelated to their services. As in any service-based business, seeing is believing. Their services and broad experience make for a winning combination!

Sylvain Jolicoeur - Sylka Inc.

Choosing Multi-Graf’s direct mail tool has enabled us to develop our own image and to adapt our content based on our projects. Furthermore, Jonathan’s approachability, when it comes to customized support, makes everything even easier.

Benoît Desroches - FormaPlus

Thanks Jonathan, your little trick worked.  I love this template!  I saved a newsletter you sent me a few months ago because it looked so good and I was so happy to see this template in the system.  It’s really nice with that bright blue colour behind the newsletter.

Linda, Volkswagen Campbell Cameron

MailContact’ goes well beyond all other mass email systems we have tried in the past! That, coupled with Multi-Graf’s quick professional services … a big thumb’s up!

Alex -

I have been dealing with Multi-Graf for over 7 years. Since the very beginning, service has been excellent. They are generous, meticulous, work quickly and are always keen to find the best solution at the best price. As President of a small business, I have always felt reassured and supported. I highly recommend them.

Renée Bovet